Tips for Increasing Quality Traffic to Your Website

Do you want more Pinterest traffic? Use these Pinterest SEO strategies to improve your profile, generate clicks, and drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a great yet underutilized medium for generating traffic for both bloggers and companies.

While Pinterest is frequently linked with food articles, DIY how-tos, and vacation blogs, it covers a wide range of topics and is a key source of organic traffic in a variety of sectors.

With over 442 million active monthly users, Pinterest is an untapped potential for company owners and SEO professionals trying to increase traffic.

Pinterest, a refreshing alternative to Google, Facebook, and Amazon, encourages creativity and storytelling while claiming to be a one-of-a-kind platform where Pinners may find new ideas, companies, and blogs.

While it differs from Google or Bing, many tried-and-true SEO methods still apply.

This post will teach you some tried-and-true Pinterest SEO methods as well as forward-thinking strategies to help you make the most of this dynamic platform.

What Is Pinterest Optimization?

Pinterest SEO is improving your Pinterest profile and website to produce more organic (and, if desired, sponsored) Pinterest traffic.

The biggest difference between Pinterest SEO and Google SEO is how "keywords" are selected and subsequently used to optimize one's profile.

Furthermore, engagement metrics and social shares are more important on Pinterest than backlinks and technical SEO.

However, these remaining features are frequently consequences of excellent content.

With that in mind, here are 6 SEO-friendly Pinterest profile optimization recommendations.

1. Get Started with the Basics

Before we get into the more interesting elements of Pinterest SEO, some housekeeping is in order.

Before you can begin pinning, make sure the following conditions are met:

Create a Business Account

Begin by establishing a Pinterest Business account.

(If you currently have a personal account, you may easily convert it to a business account.)

This grants you access to Pinterest Analytics as well as the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Choose an SEO-Friendly Username

Because your username will be featured in your profile's URL, think about what your audience might be looking for.

Optimize Your Profile

Fill out the "about you" box with pertinent information and upload a high-resolution corporate logo.

This makes it simpler for others to find and save your Pins.

You should additionally optimize this area with relevant keywords (more on this later).

Create at Least One Board

You will need at least one "board" to get started.

Consider the sort of information you intend to upload when naming your board (for example, "Marketing Hacks" or "DIY SEO").

2. Prepare Your Website

You may use data from your website to fuel more tailored Pinterest campaigns, just like you can with many other platforms.

You may also direct users to your website. Therefore, connecting these two assets is critical.

This necessitates a few basic but essential actions.

Install these if you want to correctly report on your Pinterest SEO efforts.

Add the Pinterest Tag

The Pinterest tag is essential for launching an organic or sponsored campaign.

This short bit of JavaScript, which is essentially Pinterest's counterpart of the Facebook pixel, will allow you to:

• Set up conversion events on your website.
• Segment your audience.
• Report reliably on your profile’s performance.

A comprehensive roadmap may be available here, and your Pinterest or agency team can assist you with implementation.

Add the Save Button

This one involves only a few lines of HTML code and will extend the reach of your advertising beyond Pinterest.

Users may save photographs from your website or app to their boards once installed.

There are two choices: The button may display automatically or when users hover their cursor over the top-left corner of an image.

Choose wisely.

Visitors to your site can transform your photographs into Pins using a Pinterest Chrome plugin.

Verify Your Site

A few easy steps will verify your website, adding your profile picture to your Pins.

Again, this only requires adding a few lines of HTML code.

3. Set Traffic & Conversion Goals for Your Business

Remember that lead times on Pinterest might be substantially longer than on Google or Facebook.

On the other hand, Pinterest continues to be a powerful lead-generation platform.

To achieve success on Pinterest, you must first identify what Pinterest means for your business and create suitable goals.

• What role does Pinterest play in your overall marketing strategy?
• Is your target audience actively using Pinterest to locate similar content to yours?

Once you've decided that Pinterest is the right location for you, you can utilize the Pinterest tag to create a variety of conversion events on your site.

Pinterest provides a comprehensive guide on establishing conversion campaigns to help you with your lead-generating efforts.

Begin with analytics like impressions, traffic, and re-Pins before adding conversion targets on top.

Simply watching your traffic figures and seeing what's already working for your profile will provide you with a wealth of information.

When it comes to Pinterest, slow and steady generally wins the race.

4. Conduct Keyword Research

While you may not be able to utilize normal keyword research tools for Pinterest SEO, there are still many benefits in performing keyword research on Pinterest.

Pinterest curates its "feed" like a search engine depending on what users search for and how those key phrases are used in the Pins uploaded by content providers.

These pointers can help you choose the best keywords for your Pins and boards.

Use Guided Search

Pinterest's guided search allows users to limit their search and obtain more relevant results.

Pinterest recommends semantically similar modifiers when you search for your target phrase.

These are reliable indicators of the most popular search terms for each topic.

Test out Promoted Pins

The concept is similar to how SEO specialists use AdWords to test certain keywords before launching a comprehensive SEO campaign.

Here, you can take your top-performing Google keywords and utilize Promoted Pins to determine if they'll work on Pinterest.

Explore Niche Topics

Fortunately, Pinterest already categorizes and subcategorizes themes, making identifying keywords for your specific niche simple.

Your objective should be to investigate all issues related to your business to see how ideas are classified and how your rivals target certain keywords.

5. Be Descriptive

As with your titles, getting descriptions right for SEO on Pinterest is important.

Including thorough descriptions (preferably with your goal keywords) aids Pinterest in finding and displaying your photographs in relevant searches.

Your description provides viewers with a sneak peek at your material. It might be the determining element in convincing them to visit your website.

Tell your audience how the information will benefit them, what they will learn, or if you're posting a product, an intriguing fact about your product that distinguishes it from rivals.

A couple of phrases of roughly 100 characters each is enough to offer adequate detail.

Consider including hashtags in your description to improve your exposure to these keywords.

6. Aim for Engagement

User engagement is super important on Pinterest.

This is due to the fact that increased involvement can enhance your Pin's (and your profile's) prominence in search, generating traffic and, eventually, website conversions.

To boost your engagement and search exposure, use the following tips:

Connect Your Pinterest Account with Other Social Media Accounts

This will raise your profile among your existing fans on other networks.

To increase your own following, invite relevant Pinterest influencers to participate on a board

If an influencer re-pins one of your Pins, it will be seen by a larger audience.

Include Text as an Overlay on Your Images

Pins with a text overlay tend to score better in a search for "SEO," as we can see.

Create Multiple Pin Images Using a Website Like Canva

You may create many templates and assess the performance of each one.

Pin consistently

Buffer recommends pinning at least 5 times daily to see the widest reach.

Follow Relevant Boards

This will allow you to expand your network and reach a broader audience with your Pins.

Track Performance

Pinterest statistics will provide a wealth of information about your profile's performance in organic search.

Use this information to shape your Pinterest SEO approach, from which keywords to employ to which design to use to get the most traffic.

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